Nov 13 2010

free vector drawings from christopher dresser, “studies in design”

Think of these as a part of a coloring book. Dresser included a number of black & white ‘skectches’ in Studies in Design and Modern Onamentation. We are offering 3 of these designs; just the black outlines so you can customize with your own color combinations. (Hint: Live Paint works nicely for this!) One of the designs offered is an Illustrator pattern brush and the other 2 are AI and EPS motifs that have a linear repeat but they are not rendered as brushes–we’ll leave that up to you.

Download Illustrator files (

Download EPS files (

(below, offered as an Illustrator pattern brush, only)

The full Dresser Coloring Book will be available for purchase and will include selections from Studies in Design and Modern Ornamentation. The elves are busy working on the designs now. We anticipate offering Series 1, consisting of 25 to 30 designs, by the end of the year.