illustrator patterns: beauclair, series 1

Now available: 30 custom art nouveau pattern swatches for Illustrator by Ren&eacute: Beauclair — $11.00 USD Purchase Now for immediate download.


to install

to access the beauclaire_series1_pattern swatch library

to use custom pattern swatches

customizing pattern swatches


These are vector pattern swatches by the celebrated art nouveau designer, Ren&eacute:

Beauclair (French, 19th-20th century). The first series in the Beauclair collection

includes 30 seamless Illustrator pattern swatches. They require Illustrator v. 10 or higher.

Pattern designs are "hand" traced (not using "Live Trace") and matched to render as

seamless vector patterns. The colors are approximate matches to the original source.

Illustrator pattern swatches are customizable so experiment with different

colorways and in combination with linear pattern borders or motifs.

to install

Unzip the dowloaded file

Locate the file:

Open the file in Illustrator to begin a new, blank drawing file with the patterns in the Swatches panel.

From the flyout menu to the upper right of the Swatches panel (A),

choose Save Swatch Library as AI…

This will retain the Beaurclair pattern swatches in the
Application (or Application Support) directory.
Retain the .zip file in a permanent location to re-install following upgrading to a newer
version of Illustrator.

to access the beauclaire_series1_pattern swatch library

Open the Swatches panel

Click on the flyout menu in the upper right-hand corner of the panel (A, above)

Choose Open Swatches Library > User Defined… > beauclaire_series1_pattern

to use custom pattern swatches

Use to fill any shape, as with color

customizing pattern swatches

Pattern swatches in the beauclair_series1_pattern panel must be added to the document Swatches panel (Window > Swatches).

With both panels open, click on the pattern swatch that you wish to
customize. This will add it to the document Swatches panel.

To change the color (CS3 and above)

Drag the swatch from the Swatches panel onto the Drawing Board.

With the pattern selected, open the Live Color panel (A)
from the options bar (below the Main Mentu).

Note: An overview of the way this panel works can be found in the video tutorials at Layers magazine: for a basic overview

and for a more detailed tutorial

Visit for additional brushes, motifs and
for additional Illustrator techniques. Feel free to post questions and/or comments at this website.

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