for (color) lovers

In honor of St. Valentine, I am going to suggest a website for people who also love color, aptly named If you like Adobe’s Kuler, ColorLovers is an even more joyful romp through the color wheel.

As with Kuler, you can search or browse through more than 1 million 5-color palettes, color swatches and (yes!) pattern; download them in a variety of formats; rate them; or become a member and upload your own faves. I enjoy the Forum, with discussions such as: “Lover’s Lounge”, “Showcase Your Work”, “Advice & Critique”, and “FAQ: Sharing the Love.”

There’s a section on color trends;as gleaned from current magazines and websites as well as posts on the ColorLovers blog describing the colors currently popular in everything from interior design to automobiles. It’s a handy resource for that, alone.

I love color! Whether it’s exploring the physics of color, the psychology of color, ethnic color preferences, I have a whole section of my bookshelf devoted to the subject. With I have found a resource that is handier to use. So far, I’ve managed to spend countless hours trading colors and patterns, reading the blogs and contributing to the discussions. I keep open in my browser in the background while working on a project so I can download and experiment with different color combinations.

If you love color, try out and spread the love.

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